Birth Announcements and Baby Showers

Birth Announcement

It was two thousand six and the last day of December,
a day that no doubt everyone will remember.
The stars hanging in space were all coming alive,
for one special munchkin was about to arrive.

Malinda in Jacksonville, FL

Jim has written numerous touching and personal poems for the people in our office. When my husband and I had our children, he wrote a birth poem for them. I have it saved in their baby albums and it is one of the most special presents that we received. His poetry is an exceptional gift; he incorporates all of your pertinent personal information into a neatly integrated rhyme. Having Jim compose something for a loved one is a fantastic, one-of-a-kind present.

Birth Announcement

The stars and the moon were all still in their place
on the 18th of October, a new day to embrace.
Orion’s Belt was blazing in the night sky,
it was two forty three and you heard a girl cry.

Travis in Raleigh, NC

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Jim’s poems for the past eight years. Whether it is a comical poem for a retirement party or one of his traditional Christmas poems, Jim always astounds me with his penmanship. When my daughter was born, Jim used his unique style to create a poem that is still the centerpiece of our nursery. I would highly recommend Jim’s work for any occasion.

Birth Announcement

The stars and the moon danced again with great joy, the first time fora girl and this time for a boy.  It was June seventeenth as Scorpius lit up the sky, at fourteen after two, there was heard a loud cry.

Baby Shower

You have waited…
You have waited and waited, are you really prepared
for a life that’s dependent on you for her care?
She will need you for shelter for food and for clothes,
twelve thousand a year is the cost so you know.

Christine from Long Island, NY

It was hard to hold back the tears when I first read Jim’s poem he wrote for my baby shower. It was incredibly touching and it was almost as though he knew me for years. The poem is now displayed in my daughter’s room and it is a gift that will always be cherished.

Birth Announcement

The day was in October, the twenty third to be exact,
seven minutes after seven, it’s recorded as a fact.
The evening sun had faded and the moonlight took its place
and at that very moment, the world would see Mikayla’s face.

Birth Announcement

He was born the 22nd and he played for Notre Dame,
there he won the Heisman, “Touchdown Timmy” was his name.
He was born the 22nd and he was a drummer in a band
and soon “The Hotel California” was known throughout the land.

Tim from Atlanta, GA

Jim has created a wonderful and truly personalized Rhyme4Life to celebrate my son's birth. My wife and I were very touched by its eloquence and the inclusion of other family members in the verse. Our Rhyme4Life is matted and framed claiming a place of honor above Kevin's crib. This is something that we will keep forever.

Birth Announcement

The year is nineteen sixty nine and Rockford is the name
of a mini-bike that’s painted blue and has a sturdy frame.
Grandpa had that bike for years then passed it to his son
and then as more time sped away a tradition soon begun.

Brian from Berwick, PA

Suzie loved the birth announcement! In fact, she couldn’t make it through the first paragraph without getting choked up. I had to read the rest for her. You have a real gift and really appreciate you sharing it with us.

Shower Invitation

Remember playing in dirt with those Tonka toys,
dump trucks and graders the right size for a boy?
Remember the box that turned into a plane,
or splashing in puddles right after the rain?

Birth Announcement

On the roof she has been watching since that October day
when God called her home to heaven forever more to stay.
She’s been waiting for this moment and then it finally came,
you could hear the sounds of glory when she shouted Gabby’s name.

John in Syracuse, New York

Instead of trying to express my feelings (poorly), I thought of some song lyrics that do it perfectly: “Then she opened up a book of poems and handed it to me, written by an Italian poet from the thirteenth century. And every one of them words rang true and glowed like burnin coal, pourin off of every page, like it was written in my soul from me to you, tangled up in blue.” -Bob Dylan Thanks Jim

Birth Announcement

The clock read two fifty on the nineteenth of June,
in the year two thousand and seven in the mid-afternoon.
One beautiful baby made her public debut
weighing eight pounds and the ounces were two.

Suzie in Juno Beach, Florida

Jim wrote the most lovely poem after the birth of my first granddaughter. Jim had never met her or her parents, yet the poem was so poignant, relevant and personalized that you would have thought he had known them from the start. My son and daughter-in-law were delighted and in awe that that such a beautiful piece of memorabilia was created for their new baby girl. It is nicely framed and hanging in her bedroom.

Birth Announcement

T'was the first month of year twenty ten, nineteen days had
come and gone, eleven minutes before midnight, soon she would
see that first new dawn.  She tipped the scales at seven pounds,
the ounces numbered ten, and the inches, well they numbered
one, plus ten plus ten again....


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