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October 17, 2022. Hey Jim! Where can I get a copy of your awesome children’s book, The Sneezing Toucan? I am so glad you asked! I would be thrilled to send you an autographed copy and will even dedicate it as you wish! You can purchase the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as other online retailers. You can also buy the book from the publisher, Parson’s Porch. Just contact me at and get your copy today!

Willow says “You just gotta get this book!”

July 4th, 2021. As many of you already know, the hardbacks arrived a few weeks ago and I have been sending out orders left and right. It has been a challenge juggling work schedules and home life with the time needed to promote and sell the book. Toucan Nation has been incredible to say the least and I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your amazing support. I will be working on my blog and updating that soon. Somehow, I jacked it all up with my last attempt at posting. I am posting mostly on Facebook and you can follow me there for the latest and greatest news concerning the book. Thanks for stopping by and I will have an update and new blog very soon.

Well, it’s hard to believe, but here I am, a published author. The Sneezing Toucan has made his debut and I am extremely humbled and thankful for the amazing support that so many have given me. I have already sold out of the softbacks and I am awaiting the arrival of the hardbacks soon. Books have been sent to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Oregon. I would love to say someday that The Sneezing Toucan has arrived in all 50 states!


Parson’s Porch & Company has accepted the manuscript for The Sneezing Toucan! This is a unique publishing company under the leadership of David Russell Tullock. They ‘turn books into bread” by using the profits of publishing books and then subsidize the Church Street Kitchen to help feed the homeless and others who are less fortunate.

Rhymes4Life has teamed up with SCBWI writer and illustrator Samantha Bell! Check out Samantha’s resume and you will see why I am so excited! She is a writing and art teacher, children’s book writer and illustrator, homeschooling parent, and mom of four great kids. She didn’t plan on becoming an author and illustrator. But she has published more than 100 books for children! Stay tuned for more details as The Sneezing Toucan makes its way through the illustrations and then publishing process. AAACHOOOOOO!

Saturday morning and I was riding my bike

Headed to town with my hair in a spike.

I really wanted to find just the right pet

 And hoping my mom would not get upset.

Use Samantha’s Tutorial and Draw a Toucan!

Hey Mom’s and Dad’s and kids of all ages! Use the step by step guide below and draw a toucan. Submit your drawing to We will post them here on the website for all to enjoy. We will take submissions until The Sneezing Toucan is published and then have a panel of art judges pick a winner from all the submissions! Guess what the winner will receive. Go on and guess. Did you guess an autographed copy hot off the press? Bingo! We will anxiously wait for those pictures, so get busy drawing!

Samantha has provided a great link to some art contests for those budding artists out there. Check it out!


Submittals are now located under the new Submittal tab on the menu bar.