Who is this guy?

After many years of trial and error, in April of 2021, Jim Munroe published his first children’s book, The Sneezing Toucan! Jim has well over 500 poems to his credit and he continues to put pen to paper to memorialize life’s events for family, friends, coworkers and clients.  His writing style encompasses the emotions felt when celebrating the birth of a child, grieving the loss of a loved one, or when sharing the joy of a retirement or an anniversary.  His work has been published in local newspapers, social media, church programs, community events and has been included in popular NSA Hall of Fame Speaker Barbara Glanz’s books, CARE Packages for the Workplace and CARE Packages for the Home.  His life resume includes the following highlights.  He is an energy trader. He has been a CPR/First Aid instructor, corporate trainer and power plant technician. He is a US Navy submarine veteran.  He is a husband and father.  His most notable position is as a doting grandfather called Boppa!  He has lived in New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. He is a member of the American Poolplayers Association and a member of SCBWI and now has added children’s book author to his growing resume. 


I first met Jim in 1995 when he came to hear me speak at a conference in Orlando.  Soon after, he sent me a beautiful poem titled “The Breeze” which he wrote about the impact my message had had on his life.  When my husband died in 2000, Jim wrote “The Pilot” as a memorial for him.  His words and his beautiful spirit have been a treasure in my life ever since we met!

What a treat to get a personalized poem on my birthday. It will be a family treasure for years to come. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.


If you happen to have pictures of your Rhymes4Life poem, send them in so I can post them here on the website!

Lucy Grace – Florida
Valeria in Virginia
Larry Dean with his Christmas gift
Wedding in North Carolina, Congratulations!
Bless this New House!

Thank you a MILLION times for the BEAUTIFUL piece of work you did for my dad! You have an amazing gift my friend!

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